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Arabian Ranches 3

Arabian Ranches 3

Arabian Ranches 3 is the third stage of a large premium residential project from one of Dubai's leading developers, Emaar Properties. The project is a gated village of brand-new villas and townhouses for sale. The neighborhood has an advantageous location near the center of Dubai, UAE. From here, you can also reach the Persian Gulf coast and beaches in half an hour. The popularity of the first 2 communities, Arabian Ranches 1 and Arabian Ranches 2, located nearby, led to the development of a third residential complex of the same name.

Here, modern villas and townhouses are surrounded by green lawns, artificial lakes and canals. For the convenience of residents, it is planned to build a school, a hospital and a shopping center in the complex. In a couple of years, there will also be a park, which will have everything you need for sports, as well as playgrounds for children and teenagers. The complex consists of 10 blocks with a variety of designs. Some of them will be move-in-ready in 2023 and the village will be put into operation in 2025. The developer provides for all possible needs of future tenants, so real estate in Arabian Ranches 3 was already in high demand before the start of construction.


Advantages of Arabian Ranches 3

Dubai, UAE, is famous all over the world for its luxury real estate. Arabian Ranches is a prime example. Here, luxurious modern residences are surrounded by dense greenery, protecting residents from the bright sun. The advantage of the area is its location near the business centre of the emirate.

The developer, Emaar Properties, has completed many projects in the country, and the cost of villas the company has constructed here reaches hundreds of thousands of millions of AED. Anyone wishing to purchase real estate in a new community can consider the starting price of a residential unit at AED 1.1 million.

Arabian Ranches 3


The complex will offer many interesting features, with the main attraction being a wide park area. There will be fountains and sculptures, playgrounds, skateboarding and parking areas. A sports area is planned and will be equipped with a cricket field, tennis courts and a jogging track. The promenade of the "lazy river", the botanical garden and the garden alley will become favourite places for residents to enjoy evening walks through the village.

Amenities for children

The community was conceived as a residential complex for families with children who want to lead a calm, well-balanced lifestyle, but are not ready to give up frequent trips (for work or entertainment) to the city center. There will be an impressive set of amenities and interesting places for this category of residents. Children will go to the local school and play in the park on playgrounds. School children can have fun riding their skateboards, playing on sports fields or swimming. Residents of any age can swim in the "lazy river", which will unite the village. In this closed village, a comfortable, friendly way of life can be enjoyed, surrounded by families with children.

Beaches and entertainment

The community is located a 35-minute drive from the yacht marina and the Persian Gulf, which is extremely convenient for those who want to spend a weekend with their family on a luxurious beach.

The complex will also have swimming pools and outdoor fountains where children will like to play. The “lazy river” will be entertainment for both children and adults.

For other entertainment, locals can visit the amusement parks, which are located a couple of minutes from the village. This is the Global Village Theme Park, where you can become acquainted with the folk crafts of the region and buy souvenirs, and visit Lost Valley Park.


To experience the atmosphere of the community, you cannot do without buying or renting an apartment in Arabian Ranches, as there are no hotels in the village.

The nearest point where tourists can stay in the Al Habtoor Polo Resort. This hotel is located near the polo fields and can be reached by car in only 10 minutes.


There are currently no restaurants in the community. However, there are plans to build them in the future.

In addition, the centre of Dubai, UAE, with its huge selection of establishments, is within walking distance. There are also shopping malls nearby, where you can find many cafés and gourmet restaurants. For example, the Cityland Mall is a 10-minute drive from the community.

Shopping malls

Next year, the village should have a shopping center. In the meantime, residents can utilise shops in the neighbouring communities. For example, you can go to the Cityland Mall or visit one of the small shops located near Al Ain Dubai Road.

Another option is to go to the largest shopping mall in the area, the Dubai Outlet Mall, which is among the top ten in the emirate. Here, you can buy everything from groceries to products of the most popular brands, as well as have lunch and have fun. It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the Dubai Outlet Mall from the village.

Fitness centers

The community will soon house a fitness center. In the meantime, sports enthusiasts can drive 15-20 minutes to the major gyms in the centre of Dubai, UAE.

The developer designed this project in such a way that residents could play sports outdoors. Over time, there will be:

  • a bike path;
  • a running track;
  • 15 professional tennis courts;
  • a football field;
  • swimming pools.

Arabian Ranches 3

Active water sports

You can swim in the community. All other water sports are available on the coast, which can be reached in half an hour. Dubai, UAE, offers visitors to its beaches various water sports – from diving and surfing to flyboarding and yachting.

Spa and recreation

After the construction works are completed, there will be a spa and beauty salon in the community. Today, the nearest spas are Time Square SPA and Bianko SPA, which is a 15-minute drive away.


At the moment, there are no public transport stops near the complex, so residents can use a private car or taxi. The nearest metro stations are located 5-10 minutes away from the village. Emirates Road runs through the city and provides easy and quick access to all major parts of the emirate.

Shortly, a metro station is planned to be built in Arabian Ranches. This will increase the popularity of the area and the value of real estate here.

Schools and kindergartens

According to the development plan, the community will have its school. It is also possible to take children to schools in the neighbouring districts of Arabian Ranches. The nearest one is a 7-minute drive away.

Approximately a 10-minute drive from the community, there are 3 kindergartens, from which you can choose the one that you like best.

Hospitals and pharmacies

The developer has plans to build a hospital for residents in the future. It has not been built yet, so you would have to go to the hospital in the city centre until its construction is completed. The nearest Mediclinic Clinic is a 10-minute drive away.

All about real estate in Arabian Ranches 3, UAE

Dubai's real estate market is developing exceptionally well. Although the value of the real estate is growing, the interest of tenants and buyers is not decreasing. September 2022 broke all records for the volume of transactions in a month – real estate transactions of $5.7 billion were completed.

The cost of residential properties in the community consists of many factors, so prices vary. The starting price of a villa is AED 1.1 million ($299,500). A 180 m² townhouse with 3 bedrooms will sell for AED 1.2 million ($327,000).

New buildings and the community of Arabian Ranches 3

Construction of the complex began recently, in 2019, so there are no ready-made houses. In 2023, villas will be commissioned in the following areas:

  • Sun;
  • Joy;
  • Spring.

It should be noted that the first 2 districts have homes that are almost ready to move in. Finishing works will be completed in early 2023.

Types of real estate in Arabian Ranches 3

The community offers buyers a wide range of residential properties. They can select from one of 10 blocks. Each has its characteristics, with some located near the park, some closer to the exit, and others closer to the school. Each district offers 2-3 design projects, among which you can choose residences with a varying number of bedrooms. The bulk of the community occupies 3-5-bedroom properties. They have various areas, different numbers of bathrooms with the same number of bedrooms and diverse layouts.

In the community, you can purchase:

  • detached villas,
  • townhouses.

Real estate rental prices

It is impossible to rent property in the village because the houses are currently under construction. However, when the community is put into operation, the villas will be rented out in approximately the same conditions as in the neighboring complexes of Arabian Ranches 1 and 2. The cost of renting a residential unit will start from AED 150,000 ($40,800) per year.

Arabian Ranches 3

Real estate prices

Now, at the construction stage, you can purchase villas in Arabian Ranches directly from the developer at the bargain price of AED 1.1 million. The average prices will be as follows:

Type of housingAverage cost
3 bedrooms AED 1.9 million
4 bedrooms AED 3.5 million
5 bedrooms AED 5.9 million

These prices are valid only during the construction phase. Statistics of recent months show that as soon as the property is commissioned, its cost will increase by 35-40%. So, now is the best time to buy, as you can still negotiate with the developer about paying for housing in installments.

Real estate in Arabian Ranches 3 for investment

If you want to invest in this complex, there is no better time than the construction period. If you buy a house now, wait for the completion of construction and put the unit up for sale, you can earn a huge profit of up to 40%. You can also start renting out housing, which will provide you with a stable passive income that can go into your bank account in the UAE.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to buy a property in this area, please contact our specialists in the online chat or by the phone numbers listed on the website. We will help you select a residential unit suitable for your requirements, coordinate payment plans with the developer and provide full support at all stages of the transaction. The company also provides after-sale services and real estate management.

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